The 2022 Season
2022 was interesting. I got a varied selection of seeds from a grower at the Chillifest in September 2021. There were six different types, which I germinated in January 2022 and let them get to work. The only problem was, I did not know what they all were, as the writing had rubbed off some of the bags! Some grew well, some not so much. Photos below show the progress.

The best results I had were from the orange Habaneros and the Sugar Rush Peach. I made a tasty sauce from them, which was very nice so I might develop this further next year.
Prototype sauce. This has real potential.This is where it started - Chillifest September 2021Dangermann had a huge selection of seedsHe sorted me with a few bagsThese were the baggies that started it off. As you can see, some of them lost their labels.After germination I planted them in seedling trays and put them under a grow light for a few weeks as it was still February and not much natural light.They grew pretty quickly.Soon it was time to move them into bigger pots.Some took longer than others though.By May, they were doing really well.I ran out of pots so gave a few plants away.Lots of daylight by now.Time to move some on to the balcony and let the bees get to work.The first buds are always exciting!First Chillies more so!These are Sugar Rush Peach, though I didn't know that at the time.The balcony starting to get overrun.In the meantime, I bought some fresh habaneros to make some sauce as my stock was getting low.This really is nice sauce!I also experimented with fermenting. Nice enough but I prefer the results of my old method.Sugar Rush Peach were way ahead of the others, with some starting to ripen in early August.Adding more fertizer.This is essential.A fully ripened Bismarck Chocolate. This was a surprise, I hadn't even noticed it before.Some mysteries.Faddas White.Orange Habaneros starting to ripen.More habs.I still do not know what this is.Fully ripe Sugar Rush Peach.And more on the way.Even more! These have been phenomenal.These were labelled as Zingers but I'm tempted to think they are actually Carolina Reapers.No end of the Sugar Rush Peach!This mystery got huge. Euro coin as reference.The lovely habs in full ripening mode.And a Bismatck Chocolate for contrast.Sauce test with some Sugar Rush Peach.Sugar Rush Peach sauce, made with swede and carrot. Interesting...This just has to be Carolina Reaper.I love habs! This orange variety is superb.Faddas White ripening at last.A selection of this year's super-hots. I got one jar of sauce from these and it is INSANELY hot. Way too hot for me.This is it. Very simple to make, just chillies, water, lime juice, brown sugar and corn starch to thicken. It is the hottest sauce I have ever tasted. Beyond enjoyable unfortunately, I need to tone the next batch down a bit.