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Here are a few snaps of my endeavours over the past few years (clicky biggy works here). There are quite a lot of photos so you might need some patience for them to load if your connection is slow. A gentle reminder: please don't nick my pics.

They are in no particular order, just a random selection of my plants and sauces:
June 2022, shaping up nicely.Bowl o' chillies innitChop them habsNice!Habs peaking their necks outawww, babies!Toddlers?First flowersFirst chilliAll going wellI think this is a ripening NagaSome of the 2018 harvestJarring up. Hot sauce into hot, sterilised jarsCooling contracts the sauce and pulls the lid down to provide a perfect sealOn cheese. Delish!LabelledMy last jar of Naga sauce. Intensely hot.Taking seeds from the previous year.Enjoying the spring sunshineRemoving seeds from Thai chilliesReaching for the sunSome plants had 3 leaved starter leaves, which I found quite oddA good startRemoving seeds from fresh habsA towering infernoA good branchA good, ripe branchA pile of habsA magical momentThese look like Nagas, I had a pretty good harvest of them back thenThat was a strange year, on a plant of habs, a few had a look of Naga about themHabs ripening is a beautiful sight!Ooh, my chocolate habs...Very fleshy NagasA mixed bunch, but they were all habs apparently.This was my FB cover photo for a whileSome step-by-step photos of an early sauce session.Red onionsOoh, it was a Naga sesh!Chopped upLightly fried to caramelizeI added mint too in those daysBrown sugar and fresh gingerWhack it all inAdd the chopped tomatoesSimmerA bowl of early sauce. Quite chunky, I mince it these daysAn early jarNagasThe end of the 2014 seasonMy friend crocheted a couple of chillies for me. I love them!These look like NagasCrikey, that was hot stuff!The flowers have quite a delicate smellA close upSeeds from last year getting revved upNature is amazing!Freshly germinated seeds getting ready for actionLove it!Nice healthy plantsUnder cover in the early stageMixing in some chocolate habsChuck them in the potMmmmm, yeahThat was a good yearAnother early cooking sessionI used to oven roast the chillies back thenWith red onionsBakingNiceMix with tomatoesA tub of fireAnother pretty hab shotOK, I Photoshopped this a bit for FBA glorious season!They look good enough to eat!Another close upPhoto opSmiley40 jars of heaven!HabsAn early season of Thai chillies. They were magnificent but didn't have the heat and fruity taste of habanerosBhut JolokiasI had high hopes for these...They just did not kick offTrinidad Scorpions. I might try them again some daySome of the 2020 cropNot the best year for produce, but not badRipening nicelyLooking goodFirst batch of 2020 sauce2020 sauce - gloves are essential!All choppedReady for the potFirst batch of 2020 almost done2020 sauce whizzed and ready to be jarred upOven baked jars for sterilisation - laborious but essentialHot sauce into hot jarsFirst batch of 2020!On chicken at a barbecue - amazing!October 2020 sessionAnother 30 jars ready for labelling